Installing in Windows 10... or not

Ah, nice to see you my friend, It's been so long. Like... 18 years!

And look at the F-111 in full afterburner. You know, the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) was the last to operate this magnificent crearure. We called it the "pig", or "vaark" after Afrikaans for "Earth Pig", the Aardvaark.

Oh yes, realistic please. And note that's a capital G before the capital M.

The computer config struggled to cope with 20 years of progress, and that's fair enough!

13 minutes for a full install? No, no no you silly and ancient install program! I predict... 3 minutes! Let's see... 2 minutes, then "insert CD 2", then reinsert CD1, to about 7-8 mins total.

I'll skip registration. I'm pretty sure I registered it back in 2001 (didn't receive a hat or t-shirt).

Where the heck is the install??

No joy