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How to set up your computer to get the best out of your flight simulation software.

Defrag the hard drive.

What is defrag?

  • Definition: "Defrag" is an abbreviation of the verb "Defragment".
  • Definition: "Defragment" = To move the files around on the hard drive so they are "contiguous" rather than fragmented. That is, so the files needed by a particular program are arranged sequentially, and next to each other.

Why defrag?

Your programs can access and load the necessary files quicker and most programs will then run faster. This is partcularly important in flight sims which have to access and update scenery data during flight, such as the Microsoft series of civil sims.

How to defrag

In Windows XP go to:

Control Panel Control Panel
Performance and Maintenance Performance and Maintenance
Administrative Tools Administrative Tools
Computer Management Computer Management
Disk Defragmenter Disk Defragmenter
Note that the icons and images above may vary depending on the view options you have selected in Windows XP.
Here is a typical result for a hard drive before and after the defrag process.