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MiGMan's MiG-puter flight sim test gear
Exhibit: SW Utilities | Emulators | Launchers

Comments: Useful ulities, emulators and launchers for your software collection.

Joy to Key

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Description Remap your joysticks and game controllers.
Website https://joytokey.net/en/
Win 7 Brilliant.
I remapped an old Logitech game pad so I could cut (Ctrl-X), copy (Ctrl-C), paste (Ctrl-V), save (Ctrl-S), close window (Ctrl-W) and Delete (Delete !!!) etc in windows apps with one touch. Brilliant and RSI avoiding as some days editing the Museum involves thousands of these key combinations
In Steam = No joy!

Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) Eurofighter Typhoon (2001)
Exhibit: Eurofighter Typhoon

Comments: In 2001 Digital Image Design (DID) released Eurofighter Typhoon, an accessible and immersive simulation of tactical jet combat.

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