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Exhibit - World War II Fighters
Release Date - 1998
Platform - PC
Developer - Janes Combat Simulations
Publisher - Electronic Arts
In collection - Yes
Comments - Like most Janes sims this one pushed the PC hardware available at the time of it's release (1998) to the limits. A year and a half down the track it ran very well on the average new machine - provided you had a 3D accelerator fitted of course! If you have good sound insulation, play World War 2 Fighters LOUD as the sound effects are stunning. Nearby explosions made me jump out of my seat several times! CRIPEEE !!! Jerries, and lots of them!


The Cockpits
Clocks in the cockpits
Easter Eggs
The Deer Hunter
Damage modelling


The HASELL scan


Detail in Ground objects
Tank Battles
Smoke and atmospherics


World War 2 Fighters Museum
P-51 Mustang in the Museum


MiGMan's Missions
Airbuddha's Missions - Screenshots from AirBuddha's P-51 campaign
- more -


Box art


Hardware requirements


The online community
User created skins
Links to World War 2 Fighters websites

In conclusion

In conclusion