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Warbirds II

Exhibit - Warbirds II
Release Date - 1999
Platform - PC
Developer -
Publisher -
In collection -
Comments - Geared towards the internet flyer, Warbirds II allows you to fly any of 55 fighters and bombers from the World War II era . Warbirds already has a large online following and this release can only swell the ranks.

Add to this the ability to occupy any of the gun positions, and Carrier operations and there's a huge variety of flying experiences availableIt has an easy flight model for the newcomer or casual player and and a high - fidelity flight model for the hard - core gamer.

Paratroopers ready to leave a perfectly aircraft!
To capture enemy airbases you can paratroops! They'll attempt to capture the base while the gun emplacements and enemy aircraft try and stop them.

Carrier Ops feature wooden decked flat - tops. There are no steam catapults on these tubs! This is the first sim I've seen with built in voice comms for online play.

Wooden deck carriers, known as "Flat-Tops"
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