Wings of Glory Wings of Glory was released by Origin in 1995.

Tom Cervo remembered:

"There isn't much I can say that isn't covered in the various reviews. The flight model seemed hellish, but accurate--you spent a lot of time coaxing your underpowered machine to any kind of altitude, and constantly trimming it, and, without a rudder input, accurate shooting was hopeless.

But I have to say it's the only flight sim that makes you feel that you've stepped into a movie--an aviation epic of the 30's. The characters are cliches, but REAL cliches. Origin didn't have too much luck when they strayed too far from space.

Pacific Strike was too ambitious for the flight engine, a reworking of Strike Commander; you can get away with a lot when you give your pilots afterburners and Sidewinders. Slow speeds show up imperfections like nothing else. But Wings of Glory was better than both of them; the twin .30's a much simpler armament than the endless array of space blasters that came before and after.

I get the feeling that this was a labor of love on someone's part."

... in fact it was! Tom Cervo tracked down an interview with Warren Spector which confirms his theory.

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