XFS - "Experimental Flight Simulator"

XFS - "Experimental Flight Simulator" was developed by Mark Hermonat.

"I am slowly developing my own sim. Nothing fancy, nothing cutting edge. Just something to fool around with to learn the various aspects of a flight sim. Spectrum Holobyte's Falcon was the basis for the landscape. It is modelled in detail down to the three airbases, all of the mountains and even the suspension and cantilever bridges. Those nostalgic for that sim may have fun exploring the world here.

I am currently working out the aspects of the AI routines behind a computer opponent. As a result of this, I have a new found admiration for those that have developed superb AI in commercial flight sims of the past such as Falcon 3.0 and EF 2000.

It is a work in progress starting from 1993 when I learned the fundamental 3d translation and rotation formula's. I am not a professional developer (obvious form the code perhaps!) but am self taught and used this project to also teach me the ins and outs of the C language and now C++.

I've been chipping away at this bit by bit when there is free time - strictly for the challenge.

Cantilever Bridge

Download the sim Here - 102k

Read about Mark's work for the sim community with Game Tool Technologies here : Mark Hermonat.

XFS - "Experimental Flight Simulator" cockpit -

From the cockpit

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XFS - "Experimental Flight Simulator" - Box Art -

Falcon fans will remember the two bridges in the sim - the suspension and the cantilever.

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