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ZX-81 Flight Sims
Exhibit: ZX-81 Flight Sims

Developer: Various
Publisher: Various
Platform: ZX81 Sinclair Spectrum
Collection: No.
Comments: Type in a flight sim from a magazine? Yes, that was computer flight simulation in the early 1980s.

Balloon sim

" My first sim experience was on the ZX81, but not the 16k version, the 1k version. A single line of text across the top of my black and white telly gave me various flight parameters of a hot air balloon, about five I think. The only control was of the gas burner. You went up, along and down. There were NO graphics whatsoever. I've been hooked ever since!

It cameout of a very cheaply made book called something like 'Thirty games for the 1k ZX-81'. I'd love to see it again.

There are so many titles I have had and forgotten, or thought I'd dreamt about that the museum is browsed through almost weekly. I wish I could give you some more details of the 'game' but it was so long ago. It definitely ran on the 1k machine. Something I painfully remember as being a child at the time I could not work out how to save listings to the tape, and would type in the code everytime I wanted to play!

It's a constant source of amazement that my video card alone has 16,000 times more memory than the machine I started on."

Gareth 'Goon' Evans

Gareth currently works at Staffordshire University Beaconside Campus and uses computers with even more than 16K of memory... and still plays flight sims!

SInclair ZX 81 balloon sim graphics
The graphics were fairly... basic... pardon the pun!