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 System Requirements comparison |

System Requirements comparison

These comparison tables will be gradually populated in 2020 as I migrate the Museum exhibits and artifacts to the new schema.
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Title Year Platform Operating System CPU min Disk space min Video specs min
7471981Acorn AtomMS-DOS 2.0
_sw template1980Acorn Atom, Acorn BBC Master, Amstrad PC-1512, Apricot F1, Sony PlayStationTOSread all aboout it here... ...video video
A-10 Attack1995MS-DOS70 mbSVGA or VGA 256 color
A-10 Tank Killer3.5" and 5.25" disks enclosed | Hard disk: recommendedMCGA, VGA (256 colours), EGA, Tandy (16 colors), CGA (4 colors)
Aces CollectionIBM PCMS-DOSVaries
Aces of the Pacific2 mb HDDVGA
Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum3D graphics card
Europe 2Windows 98
F/A-18E Super Hornet19992MB 2D Graphics Card | 3D Graphics Accelerator
Falcon 4 Allied ForceIBM PC, Apple Mac1.5GB (+500MB for Windows swap file)64 MB (3D Accelerated and DirectX compatible) | 1024 x 768 resolution colour monitor
Fighter DuelWindows 98
TFX1993 6 MB free hard disk space SVGA or VGA 256 color
Total Air War199870Mb (20Mb for the compact installation + 50Mb Free Space) 800x600 in 16bits (65536 colour) on the Windows desktop
Washington DCMS-DOS 5.0
WWII FightersWindows 95