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Three Sisters and Warragamba Dam

Check out the world famous rock formation 'The Three Sisters' at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and return to Sydney via the Warragamba Dam.
Prospect Reservoir serves most of western Sydney and is a common nav reference for VFR pilots.
From the Nepean River, follow the Great Western Highway up into the mountains to the at Hawkesbury Road overpass at Springwood. Continue following the highway as you imagine how tough it must have been for Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth to cut the first tracks along this route over the Great Dividing Range.
When you reach Katoomba, The Three Sisters will be visible on your left, just 1.5 nm south.
For a truly spectacular view try this: Continue 2 nm past Katoomba and make a descending left turn into the Megalong Valley. Keep turning to the east, along the escarpment until you see The Three Sisters. This will look particularly nice in the afternoon sun.
Shorter return flights: 39 nm to Warragamba Dam, which is one of the main water cachements for Sydney.

Nav data


WP 1 - Prospect Reservoir
WP 2 - Follow the Western Motorway to the bridge over the Nepean River
WP 3 - Follow the Great Western Highway to Springwood
WP 4 - Follow the Great Western Highway to Katoomba
Turning left past Katoomba, in the valley
WP 5 - The Three Sisters
WP 6 - Pass Mount Solitary to Lake Burragorang
Lake Burragorang
WP 7 - Bend Bay
WP 8 - Warragamba Dam
Bankstown YSBK