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  • Press release: Slovenia 1 and Slovenia 2 released in the Microsoft Flight Sim Marketplace

  • content_pasteMiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum is proud to announce the release of Slovenia 1 and 2, the most in-depth tour of this region ever created for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. Fly 50 missions out of 10 major airports as you methodically discover the VFR aviation delight that is Slovenia. Featuring lush valleys, towering alps and grand castles, every corner of this kingdom is an aviator’s delight!
  • About MiGMan’s World Tour

  • content_pasteMake the entire world your neighbourhood with these flights! Have fun as you develop your knowledge of Airports, Architecture, Culture, Geography, History, Points of Interest, VFR flying skills, Volcanos and more!
  • Airport Spotting in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • content_pasteVisitng other airports on your flight gives you the opportunity to practice touch and go's. Sometimes I'll land at one of these airports to soak up the local colour and have a cuppa. Also, if the weather closes in or you have an in-flight emergency it's good to have alternate landings available.

  • Promo trailer for MiGMan’s World Tour

  • 10 YEARS of FUN

  • content_pasteIf you take a lead from these Case Studies and incorporate some of the approaches into your own flying, MiGMan’s World Tour already contains enough material for TEN YEARS of FUN. That's the way I fly, often spending a week getting to know each city.
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  • content_pasteEnjoy more than 2,000 videos I've made from the cockpit in MiGMan’s World Tour. Most of them are quite relaxing to watch, so I am told!
  • Add-on Scenery

  • content_pasteAll the MiGMan's World Tour flights are designed to make use of the default scenery. In some of the videos you may see extra features such as power lines, these are generated by freeware and payware addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Galleries

  • content_pasteCities and points of interest.
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