Lockheed Martin F-35 simulator

The F-35 Cockpit demonstrator has 180 degrees of visuals and a fully working HOTAS, MFDs and flight controls.
The main cockpit displays are pilot-configurable touch screens.
The pilot's helmet incorporates tactical | flight | radar mapping | infra red sensor information.
The first Australian F-35 pilot climbs into the cockpit at Elgin AFB for his first flight.
The first Aussie F-35 pilot takes off!
MFD touch screens showing the tactical display on the left and on the right a synthetic aperture radar return next to a GPS map of the same area.
Tactical Display.
Synthetic Aperture Radar display.
HUD (Heads Up Display)
Vertical landing on a carrier.
F-35 simulator.
Flying the F-35 in Prepar 3D.
Doors open on the upper fuselage to allow operation of the main lift fan.
Rear nozzle deflected downwards
VTOL symbology showing 90 degree nozzle deflection and 89% of available thrust.