HOTAS Cougar feedback from MiGMan's happy customers

Ian J. of Melbourne, Australia:
Just a quick note of thanks MiGMan - LOVE the Cougar!
Ian plays IL-2 Sturmovik online.
System specs
  • Single XP 1900
  • 512Mb Pc300 ddr ram
  • Msi 6380
  • Philips 109p Monitor
  • Audigy DE
  • Dt 2200 5.1 speakers
  • Leadtek 4600 Gf4@ 28.32 Det4
  • Apaptec 2100s Raid card
  • U160 10000rpm Raid0 9Gb IBM x4 drives
  • Ata100 7200rpm 20Gb Quantum media drive
  • Adaptec 2930c Scsi card
  • Plextor Scsi Cdrom
  • Plextor Scsi Cdrw
  • Smc 1211Tx nic
  • W2k sp2
  • 3d mark 2001se o/c 330/720 10567 *28.32
  • 3d mark 2001se s/c 300/650 10081 *28.32
  • 400w Aopen PSU
  • 250w Enermax PSU

Kurt S. of Perth, Australia has put together a custom mount on his sub-woofer powered chair!

Besides small bass speakers for good wide bass range under the seat I also use Alpine Bass Generators SWS-BE45 (AUD $ 300.00) which are not speakers.
They are a speaker type coil with some built in mass and the effect is excellent to the point where I have to tune the volume / effect of the seat to the ambient sound level... immersion.
My mate picked up a set at the market for me for $50 made by the original makers Aura and they are indentical except for colour and markings. Aura are black and Alpine are grey.
When we both go to full burn the earth shakes and the windows rattle !

Mark N, New Zealand

Just checked my answer machine, now that's what I call looking after the lads. Thanks for the call. Most people I deal with when buying anything just take the money and run delays or not. Once again I'm impressed by your level of support.
MiGMan the unit arrived today!! Thanks very much for your contact during this purchase, its good to deal with someone face to face" so to speak. Now all I have to do is install & program, hehehe. Being a CH user I will probably just use one of the profiles till I get more proficient in programming."
Cheers mate,
Paul. B, NSW, Australia

Pete L. reported:

Hi MiGMan, All gear turned up first thing this morning! Interestingly, my guys attended a team building exercise in Sydney this weekend past and we used your level of customer service as a positive example of going the extra mile".
Thanks again."
One week later:
BTW - loving the joystick !!

R. of Singapore reported:

Hi MiGMan,
I've finally received my Cougar. Thanks very much!
You've been very helpful, and I know you're not obliged to give tech support, but just wondering if you've experienced any problem like what mine as described below. Any help will be much appreciated. It appears to be in good condition after my first installation of the drivers. However, when I upgraded to version 1.01 of the drivers, it stopped working! When I tried to revert back to Version 1.00 of the drivers, it failed to work as well. The gaming options dialog box under control panel indicated that it has an OK" status, but there is no feedback from the controller under "Properties". "
I'd wager it's something to do with the needing to "flash the bios". I've only done it once myself and - touch wood - had no problem.
Head over to Cougar World's forum and ask their resident experts.
Hi MiGMan,
Sure enough, I had to re-flash the Firmware of the controller. Worked beautifully after that. Thanks a bunch!
What happened to the delivery was that, I received a letter from Singapore Post earlier this week, informing me of the need to collect it personally at the Customs and Excise Department.
The guy at the customs asked me what it was, and in a hurry to get it home without too many questions asked, I was forced to say that it was a "toy to play computer games" instead of "the best Hands On Throttle and Stick flight simulator control system on the non military market".
Needless to say, I'm whipping myself tonight for the sacrilege.
Great doing business with you. Will recommend to my friends. Take care, and all the best!
Regards. R.