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Harrier Jump Jet (pub 2002)

Custom Falklands Scenery for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2

Mirage attack on a Royal Fleet auxiliary ship. Image from "War in Peace" ISBN 0-85613-841-X
As you can see from the photograph the Falkands terrain is not exactly flat. Unfortunately the terrain in Harrier Jump Jet 2002 is rather flat.
There are three fixed bases modelled on the islands:
Falklands Map from Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2
Unfortunately, selecting Port Stanley in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 produced rhis error: "Failed to initialize the databases..." ,so I opted for a flight:
This worked out well and took a pleasant 15 - 20 minutes in the Pucara. Note that Mirages and Skyhawks were based on the Argentine mainland, the Falkland's strips being too short for fast jets. However in the sim-world of Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 I managed to quite easily operate the A-4 Skyhawk from Port Stanley.

Pebble Island

Pebble Island - a nice dirt strip with a few huts and AAA.

Must be high tide!

Now that is a nasty place to put a tower!
There are plenty of shot - up Pucaras strewn about. Apparently a raid by the SAS caused this damage.

Port Stanley

Goose Green

These images were taken during 2002, flying in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2, rendered by a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500 video card with full screen anti-aliasing enabled.

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