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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : T-45 Goshawk Checklists

Speeds Payloads Lights
Engine Start Pre Taxi Taxi Pre Takeoff Takeoff > WIP - values needed
Penetration Pattern Downwind Final Go Around> WIP
Park Shutdown> WIP


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Fuselage Nose | Nose Landing Gear | Right Forward Fuselage | Right Main Landing Gear | Right Wing | Fuselage (Right Aft Side) | Empennages | Left Aft Fuselage | Left Wing | Left Main Landing Gear | Left Forward Fuselage


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Station | OrdnanceWeight
Baggage Pod51 lbs
Training bomb racks101 lbs
Remove pilotenter a weight under 180 lb (not zero)


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HUD on/offVCP On/Off
HUD brightness 
DAY position provides manual adjustments of HUD brightness.
AUTO position adjusts the HUD automatically as a function of ambient light levels
AUTO/DAY knob can be used in combination with the BRT knob to select one out of four possible HUD colors (green, light green, light blue, cyan)
BRT (Brightness) Knob Allows adjustment of HUD brightness with the AUTO/DAY knob in the DAY position


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Indicated airspeed digital readout range is from 50 to 570 knots


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Flaps limit200 kts
Gear limit200 kts


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Stall speeds with approach power and a gross weight of 11,500 pounds are:
Half flaps99 kias
Full flaps94 kias
Crosswind landing
< 94 KIAS 
Maintain a wings-level crabbed approach on extended runway centerline.


Prior to touchdown, smoothly take out the crab with rudder to align the fuselage with the runway AND simultaneously use aileron to maintain wings-level.


Drift should not be allowed to build due to aligning the fuselage with the runway too early.
An early kickout may lead to excessive drift, whereas a late kickout could result in swerve on touchdown due to nose wheel steering inputs.
Just prior to touchdown, center the rudders regardless of any crab or lateral drift because of the full time, low gain NWS that will activate upon weight-on-wheels.
AileronInto the wind as necessary to counter any wing-up tendency.
NWSAs required to track parallel to runway centerline.
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