Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Index of Checklists

Bush Trips A/c loadouts Camera Settings HW Assignments HW Sensitivity MiG-Force MiG-Force Articles Radio Calls Sim Settings USB
Base Profile | Elev, ail, rud are reversed.
A-10C II Bell 407 Icon A5 Edgley Optica F/A-18E F-35 M-346 Zlin Shock Ultra
UNCHECK Elevator Trim Axis: Reverse Axis before flight
AV-8B F-117 F-14 F-15 F-16 F-22 JAS-39 MB-339 MiG-21 MiG-29 Pilatus PC-21 | IRIS Pilatus PC-21 Su-57 T-45
Rotary Wing Setup
Joystick: Cyclic (forwards/backwards)cyclic longitudinal axis
Joystick: Cyclic (left/right)cyclic lateral axis
Trim DWN (Hat up)DEcrease Rotor Longitudinal Trim
Trim U (Hat down)INcrease Rotor Longitudinal Trim
Trim LDEcrease Rotor LATERAL Trim
Trim RINcrease Rotor LATERAL Trim
Throttle 1 axisCollective axis | NOT reverse axis
Throttle 2 axispropeller axis (doesn't seem to work - possibly due to governor setting)
 Check to see if "reverse axis" needs to be checked
I think Asobo have designed the axis assignments for Rotary to avoid conflicts with Prop and Jets?
Pedals | Anti torque rather than ruddertail rotor axis | reverse axis
from YT video