Hind : System Requirements

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2000 | Win 98SE | Unfortunately I couldn't get the 3DFX version to run with my Banshee card, but this was to be expected as when Hind came out Voodoo 1 cards had just hit the market. The CD (Front Line Fighters reissue pack) contained the DOS version and joy oh joy this ran quite happily under Windows '98.
2000 | Voodoo graphics cards "These patches are intended only for existing 3Dfx versions - the only 3Dfx versions officially released are those provided in the Front Line Fighters package. There are no officially supported 3Dfx (Voodoo 1) upgrades for Apache and Hind available for download."
If you have an older system such as a Pentium 133 or less, this is a good choice for a chopper sim. 486 owners will probably find it runs too slowly due to the relatively detailed landscapes, although these can be turned down.