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Hind (1997) by Digital Integration Hind (1997) by Digital Integration
Exhibit: Hind (1997)
Developer: Digital Integration (DI)

Hind was released in 1997 The makers of Tornado sent the sim world a Helicopter Gunship sim with a difference!

It's big, it's mean looking, it's heavily armoured and carries a huge swag of ordnance... its the Mi-24 Hind Gunship!


Year Price O/S Notes
2018 AUD $2.09 from GOG


Enemy combatants in Mi-24 Hind (1997)



I made these composite shots to give you an idea of the view... the panning is very easy. Hold the ALT key and move the joystick left and right. Or program Alt and the left / right arrow keys to your joystick hat controls.

I found no problems using a Microsoft USB stick with the Windows 95 version.

Mi-28 Hind: Pilot cockpit: Panoramic view.
Mi-28 Hind: Pilot cockpit: Panoramic view.

Mi-28 Hind: Gunner cockpit: Panoramic view.
Gunner cockpit.

As we might expect then, the cockpits are very detailed, with the HUD using western (not Cyrillic) symbology as a concession to the non Russian-fluent among us. I'm not complaining! My Russian is very rusty!

In a feature not seen since F-15 Strike Eagle III, Hind allowed 2 players to fly the pilot and Gunner positions in the same chopper via modem or network. Yay! This is the only way to fly once you've experienced it.

Mi-28 Hind: Pilot Cockpit Views

Click for bigger images

Mi-28 Hind: Cockpit: Left Mi-28 Hind: Cockpit: Default cockpit view Mi-28 Hind: Cockpit: Right

Mi-28 Hind: Gunner Cockpit Views

Mi-28 Hind: Gunner Cockpit: Left Mi-28 Hind: Cockpit: Gunner cockpit view Mi-28 Hind: Gunner Cockpit: Right



Music composition and production - Dave Punshon and Richard Wells.

" We felt really sad when DI finished. Dave Marshall and Rod Swift and the crew there were ahead of their time,(imho). We also made the music for Tornado, Apache, Hind and F-16 for DI and had a lot of fun working with these experts."
- Dave Punshon, 2010.