-104 Starfighter Crash Landing May 2002 at Leeuwarden Air Base.

" An Italian F-104 Starfighter fighter aircraft crashed today at approximately 12:15 hours at Leeuwarden Air Base. The aeroplane split in two during the landing and came down on the west side of the air base, in the area of the town of Marssum.

Rescue teams were dispatched immediately after the accident. The pilot was taken to the nearest hospital with light injuries. "

From the Netherlands Ministry of Defense. website.

The crash happened last week and was minimally covered by Italian media so I do not know details.My assumption is that the pilot for some reasons maintained a speed on final lower than required.

The landing base was Leewarden RNlAF base. The pilot is alive and reported minimal wounds. Click on this URL and at min. 1043 for one minute you can find the news report from the Dutch TV news. Comments are in Dutch ( except few words exchanged in English I believe from the Tower to the Rescue Helo ).


MiGMan thanks Giorgio for the information.