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MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum

Airports featured in sims

Sukhum Babushara
Sukhum Babushara  icao: UGSS
country: Abkhazia  locale: Sokhumi
MiGMan's notes:  A few minutes S of the capital, and on the eastern edge of the Black Sea.
Hamid Karzai International  icao: OAKB
country: Afghanistan  locale: Kabul
MiGMan's notes:  On the edge of Kabul.
Tirana International
Tirana International  icao: LATI
country: Albania  locale: Tirana
MiGMan's notes:  On the coast, S of Tirana.
Houari Boumediene
Houari Boumediene  icao: DAAG
country: Algeria  locale: Algiers
MiGMan's notes:  On the southern edge of Algiers. Explore the bay.
Carcassonne  icao: LFMK
country: Andorra  locale: Andorra la Vella
MiGMan's notes:  About 30nm NNE of Andorra la Vella. Look for Lake Engolaster.
New Luanda Angola International  icao: FNLU
country: Angola  locale: Luanda
MiGMan's notes:  SE of Luanda. Still under construction.
V.C Bird International
V.C Bird International  icao: TAPA
country: Antigua and Barbuda  locale: Saint Johns
MiGMan's notes:  A couple of miles east of Saint Johns on the fascinating and picturesque island of Antigua.
Jorge Newbery  icao: SABE
country: Argentina  locale: Buenos Aires
MiGMan's notes:  At the NE of Buenos Aires city, on the coastline
Zvartnots International  icao: UDYZ
country: Armenia  locale: Yerevan
MiGMan's notes:  7 m W of Yerevan
Stepanakert International  icao: UDYZ
country: Artsakh  locale: Stepanakert
MiGMan's notes:  6m NE of Stepanakert. "...the current government is unrecognized, there are no codes for the airport in the official IATA list."
Canberra  icao: YSCB
country: Australia  locale: Canberra
RAAF Base Amberley  icao: YAMB
country: Australia
RAAF Base Richmond  icao: YSRI
country: Australia
Sydney  icao: YSSY
country: Australia  locale: Sydney
Heydar Aliyev  icao: UBBB
country: Azerbaijan  locale: Baku
Lynden Pindling International  icao: MYNN
country: Bahamas  locale: Nassau
Bahrain International  icao: OBBI
country: Bahrain  locale: Manama
Hazrat Shahjalal International  icao: VGHS
country: Bangladesh  locale: Dhaka
Grantley Adams  icao: TBPB
country: Barbados  locale: Bridgetown
Minsk National  icao: UMMS
country: Belarus  locale: Minsk
Brussels  icao: EBBR
country: Belgium  locale: Brussels
Philip S. W. Goldson  icao: MZBZ
country: Belize  locale: Belmopan
Cardinal Bernadin Gantin de Cotonou  icao: DBBB
country: Benin  locale: Porto-Novo
MiGMan's notes:  Shows as Cadjehoun in MSFS 2020
Murtala Muhammed
country: Benin  locale: Lagos
Paro International
Paro International  icao: VQPR
country: Bhutan  locale: Thimphu
MiGMan's notes:  "Sole international airport of the four airports in Bhutan. It is 6 km (3.7 mi; 3.2 nmi) from Paro in a deep valley on the bank of the river Paro Chhu. With surrounding peaks as high as 5,500 m (18,000 ft), it is considered one of the world's most challenging airports." - Wikipedia
Copacabana  icao: SLLP
country: Bolivia  locale: La Paz
MiGMan's notes:  A dirt strip on Lake Titicaca.
El Alto International  icao: SLLP
country: Bolivia  locale: La Paz
MiGMan's notes:  40km SE of Lake Titicaca.
Sarajevo International  icao: LQSA
country: Bosnia Herzegovina  locale: Sarajevo
MiGMan's notes:  Surrounded by mountains and valleys.
Sir Seretse Khama  icao: FBSK
country: Botswana  locale: Gaborone
MiGMan's notes:  N of Gaborone and Gaborone Dam.
International Airport of Brasilia  icao: SBBR
country: Brazil  locale: Brasilia
MiGMan's notes:  Next to the picturesque Lake of Pihranas!
Brunei International  icao: WBSB
country: Brunei  locale: Bandar Seri Begawan
Sofia International  icao: LBSF
country: Bulgaria  locale: Sofia
Thomas Sankara International  icao: DFFD
country: Burkina Faso  locale: Ouagadougou
Naypyitaw International  icao: VYNT
country: Burma (Myanmar)  locale: Naypyidaw
Bujumbura International  icao: HBBA
country: Burundi
MiGMan's notes:  Burundi's only international airport and the only one with a paved runway - Wikipedia
Gitega  icao: HBBE
country: Burundi  locale: Gitega
MiGMan's notes:  Permanently closed.
Phnom Penh International  icao: VDPP
country: Cambodia  locale: Phnom Penh
Yaounde-Nsimalen International  icao: FKYS
country: Cameroon  locale: Yaounde
Ottawa International  icao: CYOW
country: Canada  locale: Ottawa
Praia Nelson Mandela International  icao: GVNP
country: Cape Verde  locale: Praia
Aeroport de Bangui-Mpoko  icao: FEFF
country: Central African Republic  locale: Bangui
NDjamena International  icao: FTTJ
country: Chad  locale: N Djamena
Arturo Merino Benitez  icao: SCEL
country: Chile  locale: Santiago
Beijing Capital International  icao: ZBAA
country: China  locale: Beijing
MiGMan's notes:  Over the Imperial City, Beijing. Compare the same scenes in Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.
Aeroport de Moroni Prince Said Ibrahim  icao: FMCH
country: Comoros  locale: Moroni
Ndjili International  icao: FZAA
country: Congo  locale: Kinshasa
Rarotonga International  icao: NCRG
country: Cook Islands  locale: Raratonga
Juan Santamaría International  icao: MROC
country: Costa Rica  locale: San Jose
Franjo Tuđman  icao: LDZA
country: Croatia  locale: Zagreb
Jose Marti International  icao: MUHA
country: Cuba  locale: Havana
Nicosia International  icao: LCNC
country: Cyprus  locale: Nicosia
Vaclav Havel  icao: LKPR
country: Czech Republic  locale: Prague
Aarhus  icao: EKAH
country: Denmark  locale: Aarhus
MiGMan's notes:  Looks like it has military revetments.
Copenhagen Kastrup  icao: EKCH
country: Denmark  locale: Kastrup
Djibouti-Ambouli International  icao: HDAM
country: Djibouti  locale: Djibouti
Douglas-Charles  icao: TDPD
country: Dominica  locale: Roseau
Las Americas International  icao: MDSD
country: Dominican Republic  locale: Santo Domingo
Dubai International  icao: OMDB
country: Dubai  locale: Dubai City
President Nicolau Lobato International  icao: WPDL
country: East Timor  locale: Dili
Mariscal Sucre International  icao: SEQM
country: Ecuador  locale: Quito
Cairo International  icao: HECA
country: Egypt  locale: Cairo
El Salvador International  icao: MSLP
country: El Salvador  locale: San Salvador
Malabo  icao: FGSL
country: Equatorial Guinea  locale: Malobo
Asmara International  icao: HHAS
country: Eritrea  locale: Asmara
Massawa International  icao: HHMS
country: Eritrea
Tallin  icao: EETN
country: Estonia  locale: Tallin
Bole International  icao: HAAB
country: Ethiopia  locale: Addis Ababa
Suva-Nausori  icao: NFNA
country: Fiji  locale: Suva
Helsinki  icao: EFHK
country: Finland  locale: Helsinki
Chambery  icao: LFLB
country: France
Paris Charles de Gaulle  icao: LFPG
country: France  locale: Paris

country: France
Leon-Mba  icao: FOOL
country: Gabon  locale: Libreville
Banjul International  icao: GBYD
country: Gambia  locale: Banjul
Tbilisi International  icao: UGTB
country: Georgia  locale: Tblisi
Schonefeld  icao: EDDB
country: Germany  locale: Berlin
Kotoka International  icao: DGAA
country: Ghana  locale: Accra
Athens International  icao: LGAV
country: Greece  locale: Athens
Point Salines International  icao: TGPY
country: Grenada  locale: Saint George's
La Aurora International  icao: MGGT
country: Guatemala  locale: Guaetamala City
Conakry Gbessia International  icao: GUCY
country: Guinea  locale: Conakry
Cheddi Jagan International  icao: SYCJ
country: Guyana  locale: Georgetown
Toncontin International  icao: MHTG
country: Honduras  locale: Tegucigalpa
MiGMan's notes:  One of the most impressive airports I've seen yet and located in spectacular scenery too.
Hong Kong International  icao: VHHH
country: Hong Kong  locale: Hong Kong
Ferihegy  icao: LHBP
country: Hungary  locale: Budapest
Keflavik International  icao: BIKF
country: Iceland  locale: Reykjavik
Indira Gandhi International  icao: VIDP
country: India  locale: New Delhi
Soekarno-Hatta International  icao: WIII
country: Indonesia  locale: Jakarta
Imam Khomeini International  icao: OIIE
country: Iran  locale: Tehran
Baghdad International  icao: ORBI
country: Iraq  locale: Baghdad
Dublin International  icao: EIDW
country: Ireland  locale: Dublin
Ben Gurion  icao: LLBG
country: Israel  locale: Jerusalem
Leonardo da Vinci International  icao: LIRF
country: Italy  locale: Rome
Felix-Houphouet-Boigny International  icao: DIAP
country: Ivory Coast  locale: Abidjan
Norman Manley International  icao: MKJP
country: Jamaica  locale: Kingston
Hakodate  icao: RJCH
country: Japan
Haneda  icao: RJTT
country: Japan  locale: Tokyo
Queen Alia International  icao: OJAI
country: Jordan  locale: Amman
Sheikh Ul Alam International  icao: VISR
country: Kashmir  locale: Srinagar
Nursultan Nazarbayev International  icao: UACC
country: Kazakhstan  locale: Nur-Sultan
Jomo Kenyatta International  icao: HKJK
country: Kenya  locale: Nairobi
Cassidy International  icao: PLCH
country: Kiribati  locale: Tarawa Atoll
Pristina International  icao: BKPR
country: Kosovo  locale: Pristina
Iturup  icao: UHSI
country: Kuril Islands  locale: Kurilsk
Kuwait International  icao: OKBK
country: Kuwait  locale: Kuwait City
Manas International  icao: UCFM
country: Kyrgyzstan  locale: Bishkek
Wattay International  icao: VLVT
country: Laos  locale: Vientiane
Riga International  icao: EVRA
country: Latvia  locale: Riga
Beirut International  icao: OLBA
country: Lebanon  locale: Beirut
Moshoeshoe I International  icao: FXMM
country: Lesotho  locale: Maseru
Roberts International  icao: GLRB
country: Liberia  locale: Monrovia
Altenrhein  icao: LSZR
country: Liechtenstein  locale: Vaduz
MiGMan's notes:  Altenrhein is a small airport in Altenrhein in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland near Lake Constance.
Vilnius International  icao: EYVI
country: Lithuania  locale: Vilnius
Luxembourg  icao: ELLX
country: Luxembourg  locale: Luxembourg
Macau International  icao: VMMC
country: Macau  locale: Macau
Skopje International  icao: LWSK
country: Macedonia  locale: Skopje
Ivato International  icao: FMMI
country: Madagascar  locale: Antananarivo
Lilongwe Kamuzu  icao: FWKI
country: Malawi  locale: Lilongwe
Kuala Lumpur International  icao: WMKK
country: Malaysia  locale: Kuala Lumpur
Velana International
country: Maldives  locale: Male
Modibo Keita International  icao: GABA
country: Mali  locale: Bamako
Luqa  icao: LMML
country: Malta  locale: Valletta
Marshall Islands International  icao:  PKMJ
country: Marshall Islands  locale: Majuro
Nouakchott International  icao: GQNN
country: Mauritania  locale: Nouakchott
Mauritius International  icao: FIMP
country: Mauritius  locale: Port Louis
Lic Benito Juarez International  icao: MMMX
country: Mexico  locale: Mexico City
Pohnpei International  icao: PTPN
country: Micronesia  locale: Pohnpei
Chisinau International  icao: LUKK
country: Moldova  locale: Chisinau
Nice Cote d Azur  icao: LFMN
country: Monaco  locale: Monaco
Buyant-Ukhaa  icao: ZMUB
country: Mongolia  locale: Ulaanbaatar
Podgorica  icao: LYPG
country: Montenegro  locale: Podgorica
Rabat Sale  icao: GMME
country: Morocco  locale: Rabat
Maputo  icao: FQMA
country: Mozambique  locale: Maputo
Hosea Kutako International  icao: FYWH
country: Namibia  locale: Windhoek
Nauru International  icao: ANYN
country: Nauru  locale: Yaren
Tribhuvan International  icao: VNKT
country: Nepal  locale: Kathmandu
Schiphol  icao: EHAM
country: Netherlands  locale: Amsterdam
Wellington International  icao: NZWN
country: New Zealand  locale: Wellington
Managua International  icao: MNMG
country: Nicaragua  locale: Managua
Diori Hamani  icao: DRRN
country: Niger  locale: Niamey
Nnamdi Azikiwe International
Nnamdi Azikiwe International  icao: DNAA
country: Nigeria  locale: Abuja
Niue International
Niue International  icao: NIUE
country: Niue  locale: Alofi
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Pyongyang International
Pyongyang International  icao: ZKPY
country: North Korea  locale: Pyongyang
MiGMan's notes:  Very interesting airpory by virtue of having two near parallel runways joined by a taxiway which crosses a river.
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Ercan International  icao: LCEN
country: Northern Cyprus  locale: Tymvou
country: Norway  locale: Oslo
Muscat International
country: Oman  locale: Muscat
Enterprise CV-6
Enterprise CV-6
country: Pacific
MiGMan's notes:  WWII aircraft carrier.
Espiritu Santo  icao: NVSS
country: Pacific
MiGMan's notes:  Important Pacific base in World War II.
Wake Island
Wake Island  icao: PWAK
country: Pacific
MiGMan's notes:  Important Pacific base in World War II.
Yorktown CV-5
Yorktown CV-5
country: Pacific
MiGMan's notes:  WWII aircraft carrier.
Palau International
country: Palau  locale: Melekeok
Jorge Chavez International
country: Peru  locale: Lima
Warsaw Chopin
country: Poland  locale: Warsaw
Lisbon Portela
country: Portugal  locale: Lisbon
Tiraspol  icao: LUTR
country: Pridnestrovie  locale: Tiraspol
Hamad International
country: Qatar  locale: Dohar
Kigali International
country: Rwanda  locale: Kigali
Faleolo International
country: Samoa  locale: Apia
Federico Fellini International  icao: LIPR
country: San Marino  locale: San Marino
MiGMan's notes:  The country of San Marino does not have its own airport or international base.
Nikola Tesla
country: Serbia  locale: Belgrade
Singapore Changi
country: Singapore  locale: Singapore
country: Slovakia  locale: Bratislava
country: Slovenia  locale: Ljubljana
Juba International
country: South Sudan  locale: Juba
Stockholm Arlanda
country: Sweden  locale: Stockholm
country: Switzerland  locale: Berne
Sion  icao: LSGS
country: Switzerland  locale: Sion

country: Switzerland

country: Switzerland
country: Tanzania  locale: Dodoma
country: Thailand  locale: Bangkok
Lhasa Gonggar
country: Tibet  locale: Lhasa
Letiste Fua Amotu
country: Tonga  locale: Nukualofa
Ankara Esenboga
country: Turkey  locale: Ankara
Gibraltar  icao: LXGB
country: United Kingdom  locale: Gibraltar
Heathrow  icao: EGLL
country: United Kingdom  locale: London

country: United Kingdom
Berisso International  icao: SUMU
country: Uruguay  locale: Montevideo
Brunswick NAS  icao: KNHZ
country: USA
MiGMan's notes:  Was naval, in 2011 reopened as Brunswick Executive Airport.
Fitchburg Municipal  icao: KFIT
country: USA
John F. Kennedy International  icao: KJFK
country: USA  locale: New York
Meigs Field  icao: KCGX
country: USA  locale: Chicago
MiGMan's notes:  Featured in all versions of (Microsoft) Flight Series up to that date. Many flight sim fans earliest memories of the hobby include taking off from Meigs Field in a Cessna 172. The airpory operated from 1948-2003.
NAS Key West  icao: KNQX
country: USA  locale: Florida
Worcester Regional  icao: KORH
country: USA

country: USA

country: USA
Roma Urbe
country: Vatican City  locale: Vatican City
Sanaa International  icao: OYSN
country: Yemen  locale: Sanaa
Mbanza Congo  icao: FNBC
country: Zaire  locale: Mbanza Congo
Robert Gabriel Mugabe International  icao: FVRG
country: Zimbabwe  locale: Harare

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