MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum




DVI allows the pilot to activate non-safety critical moding and data entry functions as an alternative to using manual methods.
Options include:
  • Manual data entry
  • Multi-Function Head Down Display (MHDD)
  • Radio and navigation aids selection
  • Target selection
  • Target allocation to formation members

DVI commands are confirmed by visual and/or aural feedback. This unique VTAS capability drastically reduces the pilot�s workload enabling him to focus on the mission and systems operation. In an air battle scenario this system even allows the lead pilot to assign weapons to targets for both himself and his wingman with three simple voice commands.


he HMSS provides flight reference data, an energy cue, and weapon aiming through the pilot�s visor; this will allow target acquisition and engagement at large off-boresight angles. The helmet also incorporates night vision aids using light intensification and provision for Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) imagery.

Helmet Features:

  • Outer Helmet
  • Inner Helmet
  • Optics Blast / Display Visor
  • Oxygen mask
  • Night Vision Enhancement Camera
  • Head Tracking System LED Position"


HOTAS controls allow the pilot to carry out complex tasks with relative ease during intense situations.
There are some twenty-four finger tip functions related to:
  • Sensor and weapon controls
  • DASS management
  • Aircraft handling
  • Communications
  • Target manipulation
  • X/Y Cursor Control
Info from www.eurofighter.com