F-16 Viper Cockpits by Aimsworth

Aimsworth Viper 2 cockpit

" Like the Viper I, but she is too big for your place?
We have the answer to your problem!
The Viper II is designed as a desktop solution where your monitor stays on your desk and you can move the Viper II easily around when you need to something other than killing bogeys. The Aimsworth Viper II is highly modular, means it packs in as little as a box the size 1 X 1 X 1 meter and is put in front of your desk. The Viper is even small enough for a LAN meeting.
You can fly your favorite sim in this pit with almost the same feeling of “being there” as our larger Viper I. Even the rudder pedal position is correct and you can use your normal chair or our ACES II ejection seat (optional). There is ample space for your favorite HOTAS and you can mount in our Cougar mount, Instrument kit and ICP/MFD’s (all optional).
All colors are of the flat military type.
The basic Viper II kit contains the following:
The cockpit has the following measurements:
The following upgrade components are available:
We recommend the Thrustmaster Cougar for use with our pits, as it is the only high-end stick and throttle combination that allows you to most closely replicate the feel of the real thing.

Aimsworth Viper I

" The all-new Aimsworth Viper I is an exacting representation of the real Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon cockpit. It is, in all major dimensions, true to the original.
The Aimsworth Viper I gives you a choice between two versions: the earlier Block 15/40 F-16's and the latest Block 50/52's. The kit is delivered in a knock down format and assembly is required. Simple hand tools are all that's necessary though, and all are included with the kit.
A detailed, fully illustrated assembly manual is included as well.
All colors are of the flat military type.

The basic Viper I kit contains the following:
  • The cockpit shell in four parts with complete interior structures in flat dark grey
  • Floor and both side consoles with prepared openings for joystick cabling or the Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar add on kit in flat light grey
  • Floor support structures for the raised front part of the floor
  • A Block 50/52 type center panel in flat dark grey and black
  • An amazingly detailed ACES II ejection seat, including the two headrest mounted pitot arms in flat light/dark grey and olive drab for the simulated canvas drogue chute cover
  • The glare shield in flat black with all glare shield instruments
The cockpit has the following measurements:
  • Length - 185 cm
  • Width - 142 cm
  • Height - 125 cm
  • Weight - a little more than 70 Kg
The following upgrade components are available:
  • Seat upgrade pack 1, containing a detailed representation of the back panels of the ACES II ejection seat.
  • Seat upgrade pack 2, containing three seat levers.
  • Seat upgrade pack 3, containing the complete left & right oxygen system components (non-functional).
  • The Block 50/52 instrument sticker set.
  • The HOTAS Cougar upgrade pack.
  • The complete new and "hyper realistic" Aimsworth F-16 C Block 50/52 instrument/avionics 3-D panel packages.
  • Our brand new fully programmable Aimsworth MFD/ICP and CU
  • An alternative Block 15/40 center panel
  • The Block 50/52 center panel, pre-drilled for the Block 50/52 instrument panel set.