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  • Mark Pajak recalls one of the first sims from Digital Integration

  • Back in the early eighties a couple of Englishmen left their programming jobs with the Royal Air Force and in 1984 established their own company called Digital Integration. Their goal was to develop complex flight simulations for home computers that would be very advanced in flight modeling accuracy, graphics and attention to detail. MiGMan thanks their experience developing simulations for the RAF the enterprise got off to a very good start.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraTomahawk
  • local_airportBoeing AH-64 Apache
  • precision_manufacturingDigital Integration
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  • Evolution of computer Graphics

  • CGA > VGA > SVGA > 3DFX, the 1990’s saw quantum leaps in computer graphics, the likes of which will probably never be seen again.
  • precision_manufacturing3DFX
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  • Manual

  • "The Merlin Helicopter Challenge was developed for use by the Royal Navy for recruitment purposes. We gratefully acknowledge their permission to release Merlin to the general public. If you would like further details on careers in the Royal Navy, please contact your local recruitment office."
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMerlin
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  • Falcon 2.5

  • I have always loved the original Falcon 1.0 by Spectrum Holobyte released in 1987. I would play the black bandit mission over and over trying to see how many MiGs I could down before the bingo fuel warning appeared. Unfortunately it is not playable on todays PC's. However, I have been playing around inside the assembly language code of Falcon for over a decade and, feeling real nostalgic, I decided to try and fix it so it could be played on todays PC's. My current PC is a Pentium II 266 and it now works fine on it. Hopefully others will benefit from this enhancement as well. - Mark Hermonat
  • airline_seat_recline_extraFalcon
  • personMark Hermonat
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  • Feedback

  • "I stopped flying computer sims in the early 90's when I became an actual airline pilot. For me, desktop sims launched me in to this career. There were 2 versions. Came with maps and a pretty good manual. You would fly routes and be graded and given a "salary". At the time, I enjoyed this as well as A320 which I see you have already." - Tom Beiser
  • airline_seat_recline_extraFlight Assignment ATP
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  • Objects

  • AAA, vehicles, buildings, ships... moose! This list was provided for those who wanted to use the mission creator.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraNATO Fighters
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  • Immersion in Flight Simulation | Use your senses

  • 1. Touch
    2. Vision
    3. Sound
    4. Taste (Not important in flight sims)
    5. Smell (Not important in flight sims)
    6. Proprioception is the sense of where your body parts are in 3D space.
    7. Kineaesthetic Perception is your sense of movement.

    Senses 6 and 7 are crucial to our sense of self and of what is reality, especially when combined with touch.
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  • Feedback

  • "Hey... who needs texture mapping? Who needs colour, come to that!"
  • airline_seat_recline_extraAviator
  • precision_manufacturingAcornsoft
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  • MiGMan’s Combat Diary | 2000

  • I hesitate to criticise a product which has probabably been a labour of love for the developers, and am are especially loath to discourage work on the classic '50's jets, but once a product starts competing for your sim-allowance then it has to measure up. Unfortunately in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 the Vulcan seems a fish out of water.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraAvro Vulcan for CFS2
  • local_airportAvro Vulcan
  • tagMiGMan’s Combat Diary
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  • MiGMan’s Combat Diary, 1998

  • "EF 2000 first saw the light of day (a gloomy Scandinavian day at that! ) in 1995. It's roots lay in F-29 Retaliator and TFX but it went much, much further, breaking new ground in combat flight fidelity. From engine start, sorry, I mean TWO engine starts, you knew this was a new kind of flight sim experience. Taxiing quickened the pulse as the Eurofighter bobbed and bounced on its suspension. Sunlight glinted through the canopy, wheel brakes on, engine spooled up and the beast was straining at the leash.

    "Brakes off and the tyres rumble, 120 knots and the dragon leaps into the air."
    Ode to EF 2000 - MiGMan, 1999."
  • airline_seat_recline_extraEF 2000
  • local_airportEurofighter Typhoon
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  • Border Patrol

  • Click here to watch the video playlist

  • Many of the flights in MiGMan’s World Tour take you on border patrols.Most borders follow landscape features such as valleys, ridges and rivers. Have fun and explore!
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  • compare_arrowsPilatus PC-6 Realism mod  (external link)
  • Pilatus PC-6 Realism mod

  • "This is a modification to the MSFS 2020 default Microsoft Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter aircraft, including all of the G950, Floats, and Skis variants. It is primarily aimed at improving the aircraft flight model to make its overall performance more closely match the actual aircraft, providing a much closer experience to flying the real aircraft. Multiple changes have been made to the flight model and engine parameters, as well as the weight and balance, which are all detailed in the Change Log file in the Documentation folder. A PDF copy of the actual aircraft POH is also included in the download under the Documentation folder."
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMicrosoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • local_airportPilatus PC-6 Porter
  • precision_manufacturing | Pilatus
  • personMichael Gouge
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  • Press release: Slovenia 1 and Slovenia 2 released in the Microsoft Flight Sim Marketplace

  • MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum is proud to announce the release of Slovenia 1 and 2, the most in-depth tour of this region ever created for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. Fly 50 missions out of 10 major airports as you methodically discover the VFR aviation delight that is Slovenia. Featuring lush valleys, towering alps and grand castles, every corner of this kingdom is an aviator’s delight!
  • airline_seat_recline_extraSlovenia 1 | Slovenia 2
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  • Bahamas: Nassau | Gallery

  • Exotic tropical paradise and capital of the Bahamas, Nassau has been featured in innumerable films. One of the most notable was the smash hit of 1965 with Sean Connery as James Bond in Thunderball, which had extensive underwater sequences.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraCaribbean 1
  • Bahamas  Bahamas
  • location_cityNassau
  • flight_takeoff
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  • 407 over Collarenebri, Australia

  • Explore the vast irrigation bores, reservoirs and ditches around Collarenebri, and fly over Moomin Gin. In 1962 a small group of pioneering cotton growers formed a cooperative at Wee Waa and processed 98 bales of cotton in the first year. Today Namoi Cotton processes up to 84,000 bales per week at it's 11 facilities. In 1794 the first cotton gin patent was granted in the USA to Eli Whitney. Today at Moomin Cotton Gin the process of separating cotton lint from it's seeds with the descendants of Whitney's invention.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMicrosoft Flight Simulator 2020 | Australia 3
  • Australia  Australia
  • location_cityN.S.W. | Far West
  • local_airportBell 407
  • precision_manufacturingAsobo | Bell
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  • Sim Dashboard and the MB-339

  • In early 2021, when I was developing the MiGMan’s World Tour series the MB-339 was my trusty steed. Reliable and stable in flight, and with good visibility, it helped me created hundreds of videos and take tens of thousands of photographs.In these images I used OBS to overlay my physical cockpit over the sim view. All the displays were constructed with the fantastic and user-friendly Sim Dashboard software, which I still use in late 2023 to display 5 pages of custom readouts.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraSIM Dashboard | MB-339 (IndiaFoxtEcho)
  • local_airportMiGPit Mk. I (1992) to Mk.VII (2023)
  • precision_manufacturingStryder IT
  • tagMiGPit Mk.VIDisplayCockpit
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