MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Good Game, TV show on ABC Australia

ABC TV: Good Game Episode 9, Nov 14 2006 | Partial transcript

Good Game host JUNGLIST : "This week we present a Flight Sim Masterclass by MiGMan."

Microsoft Flight Simulator X launch party

"... and if there's anything he doesn't know about flight sims... "
To the tune of "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines"
" They go uppity up up, they go downditty down down..."
JUNGLIST : "We're checking Microsoft Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We've just gone for a flight in a DC-3 and are going to check out how the sim compares to the real thing."
JUNGLIST : "What were you thinking MiGMan?"
MiGMan: "I thought it was pretty smooth, and we're looking forward to checking out the simulator."
JUNGLIST : "Let's check it out!"
We survived!
JUNGLIST: "How would you compare the sim with the real thing?"
MiGMan: "The real... the virtual world... I get them mixed up sometimes!"
JUNGLIST: "Let's get back to the studio and do our Masterclass."


JUNGLIST: "What is it about flight sims that's so... addictive?"
" Addictive... is it addictive?"
: " ... I think it's because of the freedom in the genre. The freedom to do anything you want to do in an aeroplane."
JUNGLIST: "Is it easy to get in to?"
: " Yep. If you get some guidance, and most of the sims now have good instructional material built in."
JUNGLIST: "Take us through your rig."
: " This is the MINI-MIG-RIG!."


JUNGLIST: "First thing to do in a flight sim is the takeoff. Can you show us how to do that?"
: " Sure thing!"
" We've made sure the throttle's pulled right back... "
" There's no old ladies crossing the runway... "
" Throttle smoothly forward, 250 kilometres per hour, this is a HOT machine! "
" 350, let's pull back on the stick.... hold it back.... 10 degrees nose up... "
" Positive rate of climb, gear up. Let's go outside and have a look. Here we come! "
JUNGLIST: " Flawless! "


: " We'll fly right up and ..."
JUNGLIST: "Gun him down!"
: " They're breaking left, right and every which way!"
" A bit of a yo-yo here.... and... I'm still behind them."
JUNGLIST: " Can you tell us about the high G yo-yo?"
: "I'm coming in high and fast. You see me and pull hard right."
" ... and you turn real quick... "
" ... and I fly right past you... and get shot down! "
" Let's do it again. This time I convert speed to altitude.... "
" Then I can roll inverted and down. You can't see me, and I shoot you! That's the high G Yo-Yo. "


" The key to any good landing is in the setup. "
" The computer gives us speed and altitude... "
" In the landing phase the controls are reversed. "
" Use the throttle to control altitude and Rate of Descent and the stick to control speed. "
JUNGLIST: " You're landing at about 300 kph... "
I'll see you online for a dogfight! "
" Check Six! "