Dudley Henriques


Dudley Henriques has flown at least seventy different types of airplanes, including experimental, prototype, and fighters, both jet and propeller. He has been flying high performance airplanes for over forty years. He holds commercial ratings for both single and multi-engine aircraft, and is a certified flight instructor. He is a professional civilian pilot.
A specialist in aerobatic demonstration flying and aerobatic instruction, he has flown hundreds of air shows in aircraft ranging from a Pitts Special to a P51 Mustang fighter.
During the early sixties, flying a Mustang, he patented a three point reverse roll to knife-edge tactical pitchout approach that became a trademark maneuver.
One of few civilian pilots who have flown both American and foreign high performance jets, he has flown by invitation with the Canadian Jet Aerobatic Team Snowbirds, and the Naval Test Pilot School in the supersonic Northrop T38 Talon.
Mr. Henriques is well known as a military aviation writer, and has written extensively for the fighter communities of both the Navy and the Air Force. His nationally distributed articles on both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds during the fuel crisis of the early seventies, were of direct assistance to both these military aerobatic teams in maintaining their respective missions.
Dudley Henriques retired from active flying in 1995 and continues in aviation as a consultant.

Research and ACM

He has done extensive research in the areas of energy maneuverability and inertia roll coupling, and is considered an expert on the subject of Air Combat Maneuvering. He has flown by invitation with Naval Strike Aircraft Test Directorate in the Grumman F14 Tomcat.
While assigned at Pax River NAS, he narrated the flight demonstrations of both the F14 Tomcat for Grumman, and the prototype YF17 Cobra for Northrop.


Mr. Henriques’ early life in aviation was the subject of a major feature article in the 1985 Reader’s Digest. His extended biography appears in "The History Of The P51 Mustang" Turner Publishing 1987.
Professional Organisations

Dudley Henriques is a past President of the International Fighter Pilots Fellowship. He has served in an honorary capacity as Maryland State Representative, Eastern Region Director, and Director of Special Projects, for the Combat Pilots Association of the United States.
He was an active member of the Professional Race Pilots Association, and the P51 Mustang Pilots Association.