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Jet Propulsion Laboratory
POC: Kay Ferrari,
MD: Exploration Systems, Science
We have another winner...actually four winners in Astronomy magazine's second annual "Out of This World" contest. Last year, SSA Greg Donohue's non-profit educational radio enterprise, "Celestial North" received the first of what will be an annual award presented by Astronomy magazine.
This year's winner, Aldrich Astronomical Society, has four SSAs as members. They are: Jim Zebrowski (the club's president), Bruce Card, Steve Hammond and Bruce Irving. Aldrich is also a Night Sky Network member.
Recently, the four SSAs from Aldrich have been helping the SSE Forum and Lesley University in their evaluation of the Solar System Nights kits by hosting events at rural MA libraries for observation by the evaluators. Please note that the press release announcing the winner links to the SSA website.
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