Unusual Landings

Passenger lands plane.

As reported by Flying Singer.
Ok, we've seen it often enough in the movies and have probably thought it was very unlikely. This cool customer in Florida took over when the pilot collapsed was talked down to a successful landing. Dad lands aircraft in Florida, saves family, after pilot suffers fatal collapse - www.cnn.com/2000/US/08/06/passenger.landing.02/index.phpl - >> 2010 update - web page gone <<
Navy fliers trap, on aircraft carriers, but this is the only case I know of a guy trapping on an 18-wheeler!
One lucky pilot. I don't plan to practice this type of landing myself. I did see something similar at an air show one time -- a stunt/aerobatic pilot landed a Super-Cub on a small flat-bed truck doing about 50 mph down the runway. That one was carefully planned, however! Low altitude formation flight, more or less!
Thursday 10th August 2000
"The engine on Rusty Hamer's Lancair 235 picked a fine time to quit last week ... when he was low and slow over heavily-wooded Chiloquin, Oregon. Hamer aimed for the only spot that didn't contain hardwood, the four-lane U.S. Highway 97. Quite by luck, Hamer wound up plopping down onto the thankfully empty flatbed of an 18-wheeler truck. Hamer didn't know where he was until he realized he was still moving at about 65 miles per hour and the truck driver didn't realize what had happened until he pulled over."