Up, up and Away

As reported by Flying Singer.
Over the weekend I did a lot of MSFS2020 flights in several areas including around Stockholm where I took my first and only hot air balloon flight on May 31, 2014.
It was great.
I wanted to try to reproduce it in an airplane, at least the gist of it. I found the starting and ending locations in an old email but then I found the attached “certificate” which identified the launch point (Kungsängen) and the landing point (near Bromma Airport, hence The flying Baron of Bromma).

The ceremony also involved a small dousing with champagne. They had done this before and were prepared.
Another found-and-defaded pic is from my first glider flight in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, around July 1976 when I was 23.

My friend Rob and I were driving around New England in his big old green station wagon and mostly camping out. Climbing Mount Washington (in car) and whatnot. We passed this small airport in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and saw the “glider rides” sign. We said why not and each took a flight. It was great. Only took a few pics in those pre-digital days.

The final find is even older, the USAF Thunderbirds in 1967 when they flew the F-100. Notice the blackened vertical stabilizer of the slot aircraft. Those turbojet afterburners were apparently not clean burning.