Back on TRACK

As reported by Flying Singer.
Look what i found in the basement! Finding it was my first surprise.

I used it briefly around 2004 I think. I figured v3 would be obsolete but it looks like there’s a third party “vector expansion” you can (or could) buy to make it compatible with their current 3-point tracking system. I can also buy a 3-point hat attachment on their site.
I got the new PC set up over lunch. Aside from missing an adapter to connect my third monitor, everything seems great.
Having an SSD as the C drive is really fast for installs (I've been using two 1-TBD SSD's in a USB3 external adapter but C drive has been HDD).
First thing I installed MSFS, natch, and did a quick test flight in Innsbruck. I only had 10 minutes so I didn't look at everything but it seems to have defaulted to High settings for everything and I got 58-60 FPS in the mountains with nice detail. Have not tried anything urban (or anything else yet).
I just ordered an HDMI to display port adapter from Amazon for delivery tomorrow. Easier than finding a store that has it.
So far so good! I haven't looked at GPU temperature or overclocking or any of that stuff. It's liquid cooled and super quiet which is nice.

I got pretty far for day one with this thing. For MSFS it’s a great improvement to have high visual quality and high FPS - sometimes over 100.
Now I need to make some plans for learning and whatnot. Some missions.

Hawaii looks much more lush.

The C172 near the Wachusett looks like a photo except for the gauges and frame rate.

The house and neighborhood look better too.

I’m up way too late. New toys will do that.