Making an Airport

As reported by Flying Singer.
My brother Glen lives near where we all grew up in rural upstate New York. I graduated with 30 kids from Fort Ann Central School.
Tiny place.
More cows than people in that town. And many more inmates.

We actually lived in a "suburb" of Fort Ann called Comstock where there was a large New York State prison where my dad worked as a guard. Population was about 300 civilians and 3000 inmates.
Nowadays there is a small airport in Fort Ann called Harris Airport (K83K), a single grass strip, one hangar, not many planes. I've passed it many times but no flights. Glen stopped by this morning for some pics and asked me if I could fly it in MSFS. I said sure, it's a field where I can fly a Cub but there's no official airport there. I made a video for Glen of a flight from that field to KGFL (where I flew real Cubs in CAP back in 1966-67) but tonight I decided to make it a real airport.

I don't plan to be a scenery builder but I was curious.
All I wanted to do was make it show up in MSFS with an official grass runway. No new objects besides the runway though I could easily add some static planes or a giraffe or two now that I see how it works.

It took me three tries.
First try I ended up with a runway made of trees!

Finally I got it despite a bunch of warning messages. Here it is as a zip if you want to give it a go. I might revisit to add some planes and try to change the generic building into the hangar that is actually there.
The key was this video: MSFS SDK Tutorial: Create a Simple Airport. - link in the MSFS 2020 index
And a PDF found here: [GUIDE] How to create a new airport (version 0.3) - link in the MSFS 2020 index
Lots of fussy details but it's really not too bad.