Bizarro World

As reported by Flying Singer.
I used to read a lot of DC comics as a kid, including Superman, of course.
A favorite change of pace was the Superman "Bizarro World" series (early 1960's -- OK, so I'm dating myself).
Bizarro World was an alternate universe (unleashed somehow by Lex Luther, in the fifth dimension, of course) where all the people were oddly cracked imitations of Superman and Lois Lane. They did a lot of strange things, like brushing their teeth with shoe polish. Their world (called Htrae - get it?) was a cube. Ugly was beautiful. Boring was interesting. You get the idea.
Well, in Washington, DC, the National Air and Space Museum is the Superman of museums in my book, just wonderful -- you can visit their web site - National Air and Space Museum - since the pictures from my recent visit didn't come out! But I found part of the Bizarro World right across the Mall in the modern art wing of the National Gallery of Art.
This sculpture is by Anselm Kiefer (German, born 1945) and is called "Angel of History, 1989" (materials are lead, glass, and poppies -- I did not see an airworthiness certificate).

This is CLEARLY the Bizarro World version of the B-58 Hustler, the world's first supersonic bomber, and one of my all-time favorite planes! The only place I've seen a real B-58 is in the USAF Museum in Dayton (it's the Bendix Trophy winner). It's pretty cool. I believe it still holds world records in in some speed/distance/altitude categories.
Bizarros are immune to green kryptonite, but are vulnerable to blue kryptonite. The B-58 airframe does not include kryptonite of any color.
... as far as we know...... if you possess superpowers perhaps you'd best keep your super-distance!