As reported by Flying Singer.
One of the fighters on the ramp at Chino was this P-47 "Razorback" -- not sure of the model, as this cockpit configuration was used through the B, C, and early D models.
The later D models got the bubble canopy which greatly improved 6 o'clock visibility. I was impressed with the sheer bulk and ruggedness of this "jug" of an airplane -- heavy metal indeed, with those EIGHT, count 'em, EIGHT 50 calibers converging on the unlucky victim. Nothing could keep up with this airplane in a dive.
This was the fighter that Gabby Gabreski got most of his kills in, though in his book "A Fighter Pilot's Life," he says the late D model with the bubble was his favorite mount. I'd love to hear the engine on this monster, and see it fly -- maybe I will some time when I'm in Chino again. This is one of the 30-plus war birds they fly on a regular basis at Planes of Fame!