Atari STE 1040

Atari 520 ST picture courtesy of the Atari Historical Society Virtual Museum
RAM: 520 K and 1 MEG RAM respectively
Floppy Drives: 3.5" 360K floppy
Hard Drive: External 30 MEG Hard Drive
Printer: Atari SLM804 Laser Printer
Monitor: Atari Monochrome Monitor | Atari Colour Monitor
Re-reading the specs reminded me that the 1040 was ahead of the pack for a little while with it's 4096 colours and built in midi sound.
Gravis Optical Joystick
Various cheap "Digital" joysticks. These were 8 way switched and either full on or full off in any direction! Not the best way to learn to fly !
As well as linking the 2 computers for head-to-head in Falcon I used to connect to the Atari Computer Enthusiast (A.C.E.) sysop's BBS to request images and other information while writing the newsletter, which was then distributed by mail on 3.5" floppy disks.
All my attempts to subvert the ACE membership to the path of flight simming went to naught.
A.C.E. were the Atari Computer Enthusiasts of N.S.W. We wanted to call the group AUG - the Atari Users Group - but the Apple guys already had that acronym tied up!