2001: Pentium 166 Laptop

I obtained this in 2001 to try and run some of the older DOS sims which just refused to run on my Celeron-466 .
Also I figured this would enable me to give readers a better idea whether that "old" sim would run on their "old" PC!
16 MEG ram
3.5" floppy drive - 1.44 MEG
Sound card built in
PCI card Modem
CD Rom
1.2 GIG Hard Drive
LCD screen
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV graphics adaptor.
I dug around on www.neomagic.com to find out a bit more about this graphics adaptor. In the "Historic" section of the site I found that it was a one-chip graphics solution released in 1996 with 1.2 MB of RAM. Oh, by the way it's no longer manufactured.
Windows 95