Goodbye Apple

The iPhone is the only Apple device I have. I guess it's time to go full Android on my mobile devices.
Apple have moved app management into (some obscure place I couldn't find). Seriously? Yes, apparently iTunes is now dedicated to media. I guess there's a whole lot more $$$ in selling music and video than in managing those pesky apps.
Here's a good comparison of Android vs IOS at Tom's Hardware, which reminded me that Apple had removed their headphone jack in 2016. So I'd be out of luck plugging into a new iPhone. Then there's their proprietary power/data cables.
USB-C is universal. Android phones largely rely on USB-C ports for charging and data transfer these days, which is super convenient if you're one of those people who really likes to pack light and carry only one cable. USB-C is also on many PCs these days, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. Personally, when I travel, I just take my 60-watt Chrome charger with me, and that powers my Pixel 4, MacBook Pro and Nintendo's gaming console. It's a beautiful thing.
There's an actual file system (with drag-and-drop support on PC)... iPhones obscure the file system from the user for everything except photos, which can be very frustrating for dealing with music, documents and other forms of media.
From Tom's Hardware