MiGPit Mk.VI Maiden Flight

Date: Thursday October 1st, 2020
Locn: MiGBase (Australia's Area 51)
Aircraft: MiGPit 2020
Pilot: MiGMan
Object: After a couple of days of thinking, drawing plans, fabricating and wiring the new MiG-Pit was ready for it's maiden flight.
With 5 MFDs (tablets) sitting in a panel and running Air Manager, the MiGPit 2020 can simulate any type of aircraft!
The gauges and indicators look very realistic.
FlyingSinger has talked about nothing else but maps, charts and GPS the past couple of weeks.
Navigation is his thing!
So I thought I'd make the maiden flight of the MiGPit 2020 a bona fide IFR flight (I Follow Roads !!). The plan was to take a route I've driven a number of times, from Australia's most important city (Sydney) to the city that _thinks_ it is the most important (Canberra). So I pulled up google maps on the lower right MFD, intending to follow that.
Then I had a thought, which is rare in of itself. Hang about - wouldn't Air Manager model a GPS? FlyingSinger had talked about it.
Heck yeah! I didn't even attempt to load a flight plan. I pretty much knew the way, so off I went!
And yes, I did manage to find my way to Canberra.
As you can see on the video I landed in the most shocking manner - but hey - I was holding my phone above and behind me with my left hand and... the moral is "Don't txt and fly!". Next time I'll use a stand for the camera. This was rather impromptu, I just wanted to give people an idea of what it's like to fly this rig.