Cityscape Canberra | For FSX & Prepar3D by ORBX

Note: Due to me not selecting mission a critical setting after the install - the results here are now proved redundant.

Having immensely enjoyed ORBX "AU Australia v2" I splashed out the coin for "ORBX Cityscape Canberra for FSX and Prepar3D".
First up let me say that overall it is great!
At about 1/2 the retail price of the host sim (Prepar3D) for a relatively small area (you can fly across the main area of interest in a few minutes in a slow mover), it has to be categorised as a premium product.
If it were freeware or budgetware I would ignore niggling errors. The Flight Sim Museum is replete with examples of this dating back to 1998. I'm a passionate flyer but not a pedantic flyer!
So having said that, I found three critically immersion-breaking issues: