Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Tips for using Track IR in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.
Virtual cockpits
The Flying Lessons in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 put you in the cockpit of a Cessna 172.
At first I had real problems looking all the way back and left. Nonetheless I progressed through the basic flying lessons with nary a hitch, my flying accuracy being greatly improved it seemed by the ability to look around effortlessly.

Or maybe it was just that the freedom of vision meant I was enjoying myself more!
Suddenly I could see all this with a slight nod of the head!
After fiddling with the Track IR3 calibration routines for a couple of hours the penny dropped.
In a sim like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 which is properly integrated with Track IR3, the device knows where your "virtual head" is, and keeps it in the cockpit.
At least I think it does.
Anyway, what it meant was that sitting in the left seat in the stock Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Cessna 172, my "virtual nose" kept hitting the left window. What I had to do was move my sitting position a little to the right, which is accomplished with "CTRL - SHIFT - ENTER".
Voila! Total viewing freedom!
So you may have to adjust the viewing position to get the best range of views in any particular cockpit.