Fighter Boys

As reported by Flying Singer.
This 2003 book is a sort of "oral history" of the BoB, little on the strategy/politics and hardware, mostly personal stories based on conversations, old letters, diaries, etc. of the fighter boys themselves. Plenty of flying and action, but focused on the personal stuff.
Well written and very moving.
One chapter was talking about how hard it was to learn to hit a 300+ knot plane from your own fast-moving fighter, especially for those many "quick trained" pilots in the summer of 1940 who might have only 12 or so hours in the Hurricane or Spitfire when they entered combat.
In fact, out of some 2700 pilots who flew for the RAF, only some 900 ever got credit for even a shared hit on an E/A (as they called enemy aircraft - approx., from memory and I don't know if it refers to the BoB, 1940, or all RAF in WW2 - I think 1940). Most fighter pilots even in that airplane-dense war never shot anything down!