Larry Bond


Larry Bond is the creator of the Naval Warfare simulation Harpoon.
Larry applies the meticulous mind of a wargamer to this genre and the books abound in credible and detailed encounters on land, sea and of course in the air. He co-wrote Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy.

Red Phoenix

Red Phoenix details a modern day war on the Korean peninsula. Falcon 4.0 fans should like this one!

Day of Wrath

"... it appears that someone has stolen a Russian nuclear warhead. By going undercover, the two have a chance to avert a potential catastrophe, although it means directly disobeying government orders. As a result, they must finish the investigation alone. Colonel Thorn will soon find himself in situations that draw on his years of training in armed combat"
... as well as skills honed playing flight simulation computer games!


Highly recommended. 5 stars

The Enemy Within

Highly recommended. 5 stars


Highly recommended. 5 stars