Joe Foss

Joe Foss was the top Marine Ace of World War II.
He received the Congressional Medal of honour and was past president of the American Fighter Aces Association.

Top Guns

Read about the Aces' victories, harrowing escapes and get some insight into the psychology of those who survived the crucible of aerial warfare.
My copy is well read - it is a book you can keep coming back to.
One incredible example from the book is that of Lt. Jim Percy who was shot down near Guadalcanal in June 1943, plunged 2,000 feet in a streaming chute, was stalked by sharks and finally dragged his body onto a coral island wih only the use of his upper body!
Matthew Brennan is a Vietnam Veteran with over 400 helicopter assaults and winner of the Silver Star, four Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts. He has a Ph.D from Harvard in Anthropology and has written several books on Vietnam.