Bill Gunston

Modern Air Combat

A great book for newcomers to air combat, very clearly written and illustrated.
The master is back, this time teamed up with Mike Spick to bring us an entertaining overview of the sport we love so much! The first third of the book explains aerodynamics, propulsion, electronic warfare. The technologies used are explained and illustrated in hundreds of diagrams, graphs, illustrations and colour photographs.
Section Two profiles aircraft from the Aeritalia AM-X to the Yak 36. Aircraft after 1983 are not covered but it's surprising how few of the types in service today are not included.
The third section on Air Combat Tactics is one of the best primers I've read on the subject and generously illustrated. A class act!

Basic Fighter Maneouvres are shown in ribbon diagrams

Rockets and Missiles

There's a lot more to the world of missiles than a Sidewinder and Maverick! This masterly and entertaining tome covers Tactical and Strategic weapons, Air to Air, Air to Ground,Ground to Air ... all the permutations in his usual authorative and amusing style.