Mark Hermonat

My first experience ever with a flight sim was when I had a job in the media department of a Toronto advertising agency doing research runs on an original IBM XT. Hiding in the corner with all of the other computer documentation was a copy of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 1 - I guess the computer store threw it in for free?
Well, one slow day at the office in 1986 I finally decided to boot it up. What a ride! And I have been hooked on flight sims ever since."
I have a love for software development and together with two other friends, ran Game Tool Technologies for over three years. During that time we developed many add-on tools such as the Cammo Commander Series and the Dynamic Mission Designer Series for various flight sims including DID's Total Air War and Jane's World War 2 Fighters . Here is a link to a review of one of our products I was the lead developer on: - CD mag review >> 2009 update - web page is gone <<
I am slowly developing my own sim. Nothing fancy, nothing cutting edge. Just something to fool around with to learn the various aspects of a flight sim. I am currently working out the aspects of the AI routines behind a computer opponent. As a result of this, I have a new found admiration for those that have developed superb AI in commercial flight sims of the past such as Falcon 3.0 and EF 2000 . Check out and download Mark's sim here: XFS - "Experimental Flight Simulator"


My favorite sim of all time is Spectrum Holobyte's Falconversion 1.0 for the PC. I got this title when I finally got bored with Flight Simulator 1 and wanted something more.
Falcon was a charm and even though it had only 12 missions, I played them over and over again. This sim has inspired me to seek out other classic computer systems and buy the different Falcon formats, mostly on ebay. In addition to the PC, I now have Falcon and the complete systems to play it on the Mac, Amiga and Atari versions too.
I went through a time where if it was a flight sim, I would buy it. Thus I've had many sim titles piled up throughout the years, most I still have. I have a lot of favorites but I guess the ones I would want to have with me if I was on a deserted island would be as follows:

My Favourites

Favourite Sims (in chrono order):
Spectrum Holobyte Falcon - v1.0 PC 1987
Dynamix's Red Baron - 1990
Falcon 3.0 - 1992
DID's EF 2000 - 1995
SSI's Su-27 Flanker v1.5 - 1996