Brent Iverson

This bio was in a few of the early 1990's sim manuals. The tone is quite amusing and rather condescending, obviously written by a PR hack.
At the age of fifteen, Brent went to a friend's house to play games on on Apple 11. That was his first experience with a computer. He liked it a lot better than anything he was studying in school. Brent still thinks computers were made for playing games.
When he went to the University of Michigan, Brent dreamed of majoring in Art and becoming a great artist. His dream mutated when he met a lot of artists who were better than he was, and who weren't making any money. He also knew computer programmers he was just as good as, and they made more money. Brent majored in Computer Science.
Before coming to Electronic Arts in 1986, Brent worked for a company you've never heard of, doing things he's really ashamed of. Besides programming flight simulators, Brent also enjoys computer graphics programs. He programmed the IBM and Apple llGS versions of DeluxePaint 11. So all that artist stuff didn't go to waste.
If you ask how he really feels about helicopters, Brent will tell you that he used to think flying in a helicopter was unsafe. But now that he knows how they really work, he's even afraid when one flies overhead.