Julian "Gremlin" Sallows

Julian "Gremlin" Sallows

Julian's job as Operations Manager for the Port of Amsterdam sees him in a cockpit of sorts most days of the week - talk about a room with a view!

My first time!

First sim: Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum... I really don't understand why I spent hours looking at about 6 dials and nothing else.

My Favourites

All time favourites: Falcon 4.0, Su-27 Flanker 2.0
Both could be eclipsed by IL-2 Sturmovik when it is finally released though, seeing the amount of time I have spent running the demo.


2001 - I use a Suncom SFS/Talon HOTAS in combination with CH Pro-pedals, a Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander, a Quickshot Masterpilot, a Saitek Saitek P8000/Dash 2 and Game Commander II.
2004 - Thrustmaster H.O.T.A.S. Cougar, Belkin Nostromo keypad for flaps, gear etc. leaving the Thrustmaster H.O.T.A.S. Cougar free for fighting.