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Joe Weber

Joe Weber is a former Marine pilot who writes gripping Air Combat Novels.
His books always have a strong emphasis on aerial action and Joe's background allows him to flesh out the details.
In June 2001 Joe Weber wrote me:
It has been a busy spring for me.
Dancing with the Dragon'. (the sequel to Primary Target) is finished -- edits and all.
In keeping with my writing style, it is an action-packed, fact-based technothriller about a confrontation with China.
My publisher plans to release it in hardcover early next year, (probably in March). Meanwhile, I'm working on the next manuscript!
Joe Weber

Targets of Opportunity

From the first page of Targets of Opportunity Joe Weber had my attention:

Da Nang Air Base. South Vietnam

Austin shoved the throttles forward to military power, then simultaneously released the Phantom's brakes,and spoke to the control tower. "Rhino One and Two are on the roll.".
"Roger, Rhino. Maintain runway heading and contact departure when safely airborne.".
"Rhino One.".
Rhino was the tactical call sign for the Alert Five Hot Pad fighter crews. Responding to any threat, the flight crews were responsible for scrambling into the air within five minutes of an alert. Pressed back into his ejection seat, Captain Brad Austin started his engine gauges and selected afterburner. His feet momentarily lifted from the rudder pedals during the sudden surge of.acceleration.
Twin white-hot flames belched from the fighter's iet exhaust as the F-4B Phantom blasted down the runway. The blazing afterburners kicked up spray from the rain-drenched concrete. Holding the control stick in the full-aft position, Austin watched the runway markers flash by. The nose gear began to extend as the F-4 accelerated past 120 knots. Four seconds later the main tires lifted off the wet runway.
Snapping the gear handle up, Brad tweaked the nose down and raised the flaps as the powerful fighter thundered over the end of the runway
Later in the book our heroes are evaluating the MiG-17 versus an F-4B Phantom in air combat.
e violently shoved the stick forward as Brad passed over top of the Phantom. "Yeah," Nick sucked oxygen, "I think that'll work ... you crazy bastard."
"This is not a contest"," Spencer broadcast. "We want to evaluate the MiG ... not crash it."
Two clicks sounded over the hangar loudspeaker.
The fight continued with each pilot gaining a small advantage then losing it when the other countered each maneuver. Their instincts and dexterity were finely honed by hundreds of hours of training and experience. In their three-dimensional world, the pilots did not relate to the sky or ground.. Each man cooncentrated solely on his opponent, anticipating the pilot's next move.
On the fourth engagement the aircraft met nose-to-nose. The two fighters flashed past each other with a combined closure rate of 1,100 miles per hour.
Austin placed his feet on the lower instrument panel and pulled with both hands. He heard a loud pop, but the MiG responded to his inputs. A flicker of sunlight glinted from Paimer's as he forced the F-4 into a punishing turn.
Brad rolled the MiG 120 degrees, then yanked on the stick with all of his strength. Slowly the MiG gained a turning advantage on the heavier American fighter. Austin was within seconds of being in a tracking and firing position when Palmer departed the Phantom..."
If this book doesn't get your pulse racing, see a doctor!

Others I have read

... and enjoyed, and thoroughly recommend to air combat fans.

Primary Target
December 1999. As the once powerful former Soviet Union descends into social and economic collapse, a group of hard-line Communists has devised a strategy to return their country to it's former glory. In league with the most ruthless militant extremists of the Middle East, they will hatch a plot to eliminate the one person with the power to stop them -- the president of the United States.

Defcon One
1990 - A Cold War thriller

Rules of Engagement

Honourable Enemies
Also avaliable in audio casette. 1994. Terrorists vs. the CIA.

Shadow Flight
Hijacking of a B-2B Stealth Bomber.