Correspondent: Mark Schimmer

August 8th, 2000 - " I have not been to the Luftwaffe airfield yet, but I had a week long trip to Berlin and also visited Peenemuende, where the "Secret Weapons" of the 3rd Reich (V1, V2 and others) were developed. Quite impressive place.

The Russians had an airbase there, too, and left a few old Migs and Sukhois when they departed a few years ago. I took a few shots (too few, I must say) and tonight I send you a couple of them.

The poor lad next to the planes is yours truly. I'd rather sat inside the Migs! But then, they are smaller than I thought, and the cockpit seemed like it was designed for dwarfs. I probably could not have squeezed my 6"2 frame inside of that!



MiG 17 Fagot at Peenemunde

MiG 21 Fishbed at Peenemunde

MiG 23 Flogger at Peenemunde

V-2 Flying Bomb at Peenemunde

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