Cougar Software v1.02, 2002

OS: Win 9x/ ME / 2K / XP
File name: HOTASCougar1.02.exe
Size: 3.45 MB
Version: 1.02
HOTAS Cougar Software Bug Fixes
HOTAS Compiler, version 1.02 Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed between version 1.01 and version 1.02 of the HOTAS Compiler :
The directions of the REVERSE options on the USE commands are corrected.
Corrected white spacing within the CURVE statement.
Corrected the way the compiler reports line number errors for macro names that are reserved words.
Verifies the macro file to ensure that there are no macro names that are reserved words. Even if the macro is not used, the compiler will still flag an error if the name of the macro is one of the reserved names.
Corrected white spacing when there is a macro name inside of another macro. Specifically when there is no space between the open bracket and the name or between the name and the close bracket, for example: Macro1 = (Macro2 DLY(50)).
Having the following two statements in the same file would cause an error: "USE AZERTY" and "USE MICROSTICK AS MOUSE(...)"
The compiler would hang (endless loop) when the macro file contains the following statement: "REM ="
The statement "USE xxx AS SHIFTBTN REM ..." causes an error. The "REM" at the end of the statement caused the problem.
Reversed the ordering of the releases for grouped cord keypresses. Having a statement like "BTN TG1 SHF a" would get translated to "BTN TG1 /P SHF a /R SHF a", this has been fixed to get translated to "BTN TG1 /P SHF a /R a SHF". Some games require this sequence for it to work properly.
With no starting value, this statement: "USE MICROSTICK AS MOUSE (11, 2)" reverses the direction of the X axis.
When the "USE ALL_DIRECTX_BUTTONS" statement and the "USE TG2 AS DX2", the DX2 button is not assigned to TG2.
The following statement compiles when it shouldn't: "BTN S2 SHIFTBTN (S3) /I 2 /O 1"
The order of nested macro names would cause an error: macro2 = macro1 a
Having a "REM" command after a "USE PROFILE" statement would get added to the file name that the compiler would try to open.
Implemented the proper direction for axes locking. The command "LOCK( JOYY, 100%)" would lock the JOYY axis in the opposite direction.
The compiler would cause a crash when compiling the file: Snacko Falcon 4.tmj
Non-visable characters (0xA0) causing problems in the file, ex. "BTN S2 SWAP( JOYY, THR)x", where x is the character 0xA0 in hex.
Corrected white spaces errors in the statement "USE MICROSTICK AS MOUSE (x, y)" with modifiers (- REVERSE_xx)
The compiler was unable to open TMJ (and TMM) files that had dot characters in the file names, example: Testing.1.tmj
Not having a space before the FORCED_MACROS in this statement causes it to behave differently: "RNG 1 50 1 2 - FORCE_MACROS" The Cougar would take the '-' character as the center character.
Having the statements: "BTN H1M a" and "ANT /I LOCK ... /O UNLOCK ...", in the same file caused the H1M button to not work.
Corrected white space errors when using brackets after a repeat statement: "m1 = c, m2 = f, m3 = m1 m2 m1 m2, macro = RPT(5) (m3)"
The "MOUSEROTATE" command inside an axis statement was not working properly.
HOTAS CCP, version 1.02 Bug Fixes The following bugs have been fixed between version 1.01 and version 1.02 of the HOTAS Cougar Control Panel (CCP) :
Corrected the wording of the message box when you press on the "Get Auto Calibration" button.
The CCP would hang (endless delay) after detecting that there was no firmware in the stick.
Calibration routine would show pedals (using SIMPED pedals) even if the "RCSType" variable in the HOTAS.INI file was set to 1.
Allows the user to choose a different directory for the startup load profile option.
The auto/manual calibration option in the CCP was not working properly.
HOTAS Firmware, version 1.06 Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed between version 1.05 and version 1.06 of the HOTAS Firmware (HOTASUpdate):
When using Win98, having 6 axes connected (rudders), then the user turns emulation on and off, and then reboots. When Windows boots back up, it would only report 5 axis.
Corrected the spontaneous (random) button pressing problem. The Cougar would cause buttons to be pressed, even though the user would not be pressing the buttons.
Improved interrupt handling
The detection of rudders is no longer automatically (hot-plugable). For the Cougar to recognize rudders, the user must unplug the Cougar, plug in the rudders and then re-plug the Cougar into the USB port of the computer.
HOTAS Cougar Development Team May 28, 2002
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