The 1mm Affair

Some people have talked about the 1mm play in the joystick centre position as being a flaw. To my style of flying it's a bonus feature!
Yes, you read correctly. People were complaining about a 1 millimeter play in the joystick travel.
Here's an example of what I mean. Let's say I am going to take a typical long range missile shot in Su-27 Flanker 2.0. This is what I have to do:
Trimmed for level flightJoystick
Long range radar selected Joystick
Radar transmitThrottle
Adjust cursor Throttle
Designate targetJoystick
Select missileJoystick
Fire missileJoystick
Now, during all this monkeying around, what has happened to the flight path of the Su-27?
Answer - nothing - because the 1mm play lets me get away with the required hand gymnastics without jerking the plane all over the sky. When I do start to manoeuver the stick and plane respond perfectly with no noticeable lag or dead spot in the centre.
If you really do want the stick to respond to the slightest earth tremor then there is a mod described by Guillame at - Cougar World (site gone).
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