Thrustmaster Flight Control System Mk.I

This is the original Thrustmaster joystick.
It's a scaled down replica of a joystick from the F-4 Phantom II aircraft.

Image used with permission from Jan-Albert van Ree
Mine worked well for years until a nameless child knocked it off the top of a 6 foot shelf and broke the hat switch. Why was it on top of a 6 foot shelf? Because at the time I had started using the Saitek X-36 HOTAS.

Limited Edition

This unit was released in 1995. Please note that it is no longer available!!
  • Heavy cast zinc gimbals with delrin bushings
  • Serialised brass plate
  • Seamless heavy gauge steel and aluminium base
  • Brass and nickel hardware
  • Hard urethane coated base
  • 100% glass filled nylon handle
  • Aluminium reinforced nylon shaft
  • Extra stiff spring tension
  • Top quality potentiometer and switches
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Four 4 way switches
  • Fully programmable
  • The blurb on the back reads:
    "From it's massive stell and aluminium base to the glass filled nylon handle, the F-16 FLCS Limted Edition is a controller of a higher order.
    A limited run of only 5,000 - each unit is serialised and signed by Maj. Gen. Joe H. Engle (Ret), Lt. Col. Robert L. Shaw (Ret) (NOTE: author of Fighter Combat - Tactics and Manoeuvering and Capt. Buzz Hoffman (Ret).
    For a limited time only. Order directly from Thrustmaster for $499.95. Experience flying with no compromises.
    Serial numbers will be issued on a first come, first served basis."